Paris, September 10th, 2015

We are pround to announce the birth of The Visual Clutters, a brand new production company, based in Saint-Cloud, located in the western parisian suburb.

We aims to rock the animation world, from full features to TV series, targetting the young adults and adults audiences.

By focusing on local and human sized teams, The Visual Clutters aims to create the perfect balance in work environement for our staff, while delivering high production value content.

We invest in solutions to help keep our artists focusing on what’s best: unique and hand crafted art. Using cutting edge techniques and our custom developed software, we will try to simplfy and automate everything that can help achieve that goal. The good news is: we won’t be keeping our secret sauce for ourselves. We will release all of our software for free and in open source. We will document and write about our methodology and be open about it.


Our first project is a full featured animated comedy called Mythomen. We will launch a crowdfunding campaign in the near future and will unveil our plan and budget for it soon. Meanwhile, we’ve been keeping a blog that shares our development process here: