Paris, September 1 2016

We are super proud to annonce that our good friends at Rainbox Production, located in Roubaix, northern France, are joining us in the Mythomen adventure.

They’ll be co-producing the movie with us, and will handle a big part of the animation & compositing in their brand new offices!

We began to work with Sébastien Périer, a.k.a. Yenaphe, on his feature film Mythomen!

We’re very proud to be co-producers of the movie, and to handle an important part of the production, here in France at Rainbox (development, character rigging, animation, sets, compositing…)
Production should begin in 2017, we can’t wait to start!

Some tools will be developped before and during the production, which will be available for free, under a free license, as soon as they’re finished!

All the tools we’ll be developing will also be released in open source, as soon as we finish them.